Future-centric integrated campaign centered around preparing for a new life on Jupiter's moon, Europa.


Europa.Homes acts as a home to the campaign, where Earthlings can sign up to become an Europan and find a home.


Emergency alert-like interruptions encouraging Earthlings to find their new homes on Europa.


Paid OOH placed in locations where Earthlings shop, walk, and congregate.


Designed for space travel, NASA would dehydrate some of Earthlings' most favorite foods.

Organic Social

Communicating with Earthlings and their friends with reminders that Europa is coming.

Animal Crossing x NASA

Aimed at younger Earthlings, Nintendo and NASA would partner up with Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Interactions with Celeste, a non-playable character (and fan-favorite) would interact with the player, unlocking exclusive content and gameplay.

Art Director: Anna Kate McGinty
Creative Technologist: Chris Bartoldus
Sound Designer: Michael Pierluissi
Voiceover Artist:
Miles Kredich