The Problem
NFL scouts struggle to efficiently manage hundreds of college football prospects, which hinders their ability to identify and analyze talent for their team’s draft each year.

The Solution
A software and product providing NFL scouts with college player tracking data and additional insights on how a prospect might transition professionally, while putting all their tracking, athletic, and medical information they need about a player in one place.

Featured In:
2022: 3x Gold / Indigo Design Awards
2022: 10x Silver / Indigo Design Awards
2022: 3x Bronze / Indigo Design Awards

Product Technology

SCOUT uses ultra-wideband technology to track players. Cameras are placed around college football stadiums, allowing scouts to replay, track, and view plays.

Product Features

The SCOUT desktop app allows scouts to view their players, track plays, and find colleges to scout talent. The app allows scouts to also simulate their top picks against current NFL players, making the scouting process quicker and more efficient.


Product parts are stored in reusable tray-inserts, allowing scouts to travel and easily pack their equipment from school-to-school.

Prototyping Lead: Chris Bartoldus
Visual Design Lead: Satchel Hallmark
Interface Design Lead: Sullivan Willcox
Product Design Lead: Alejandro Marques